Florida and the keys

Winter time in northern europe is pretty hard, i would even call it depressiv, especially when you are addicted to surf, beach and of course sun. Believe it or not, but in Germany we had areas within less then 12hours of sun in whole December. I think something must be wrong, when the people around you have to start eating vitamin d pills, the keep their energy.
So what to do? Get your ass up and follow the sun! The situation here in the winter is every year pretty much the same, so lucky me that i have booked early a flight to Florida - the sunshine state.

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Fifty Month of shady Grey

After a really long time we had a small gap to travel some days to Denmark. Normally we go there for the weekends and try to surf the choppy side of the swell.
It can be good there, it can... but normally only from Monday till Friday when your Work Life Balance is sucking on the wrong side of my Saltlife. Anyway, the forecast was shitty, but we had some days off.
Luckily we had the chance to live in a holiday house, rented by my girlfriends mother. Otherwise, I wouldn't choose Denmark in these days with 0-2 degrees and snow with strong easterly winds. Exactly the weather conditions where you only have fun with local things, eating and drinking. And we did it a lot! 
It was like a cure for our starving surf souls to be back and have a look on the ocean.
But today, springtime is official starting and the Grey of the sky in northern Europe turns from dark Grey to a brighter Grey.  A little spark of hope says the calendar.
You should have been here 7 month ago.... things can only get better!


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Florida - the sunshine state

Over xmas and new years we did a trip for two weeks to Florida/USA.  Soaking up some sun and have, maybe, a surf. But it was more a family trip to visit the Aunt of my Girlfriend who lives in Port St. Lucie/Florida. If there will be a surf, we will rent some Boards for a day, that was the plan. And it was pretty nice to travel without surfboards. What a hassle every time, specially with longboards. I think you know what i mean....

We started in Hamburg on xmas day with a heavy cold, that completely sucked us out of energy. At the arrival in West Palm Beach we had lovely 25 degrees  (in the nighttime). The Weatherforecast said the same for the next two weeks. Sunshine and warm, dry weather but no waves.
So we had perfect holidays, without the everyday search after some waves. 

It´s not the first time for me in Florida, but every time i got there i was impressed how big this country is. Specially the Highways with up to 8 lanes in both directions, but they need streets like this for their big Pickups. Another thing is, for me, everything looks pretty much the same. Shopping Centers, Streets, Buildings and so on. 
So we spend a lot of time in the car to get somewhere. We did some trips to the Atlantic along the A1A, the closest street to the ocean. Go to Ron Jon´s Surfshop when you´re there people said. We Did! We drove 2 hours north to Cocoa Beach and visited the birth town of Kelly Slater. He is having a monument at the main street there. Cocoa is pretty touristic and crowded with a long Pier at the beach, and i think there is a good surf when you have swell. Ron Jon´s is probably called the biggest "Surfshop" in the world. But for us it´s not a real Surfshop. You can buy overpriced T-shirt and other fashion stuff. It´s more like a touristic attraction.

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